77a909562854ada11cad6f8b5fe53ce4 Die Station   Neufelden, Austria.

1999 – 2005. By the end of the 1990s, Nicholas Treadwell was looking for a new large scale project. In August 1999, whilst in Neufelden, performing with the Tiger Lillies, and staying at the Mühltalhof Hotel, Joachim Eckl showed him the 1600 square metre Warehouse (Lagerhaus) adjoining Neufelden station, on the other side of the Grosse Mühl river, a hundred metres from the Mühltalhof.  As well as the main building, the property included a Tower, a large garage, suitable for a 250 seat theatre, an open barn with loading stage, suitable for outside performances, the river bank, railway lines coming into the property and 5,000 square metres of land. Nicholas immediately wanted it and after a little discussion, Nicholas and Joachim decided to buy it together. Within a month, they owned it.

c242d6880ce3adbe98777902ecdd9fb3 Die Station   Neufelden, Austria.Opening Exhibition, Neufelden, Austria –  Summer of 2000

Whilst at Die Station, Nick was able to improve his German, get a greater understanding of Austria and the Austrian culture, at the same time as making many Austrian friends, as well as building up an infrastructure for the Treadwell Gallery in Austria. Die Station was the location for some great Treadwell Gallery events, but not quite perfect for the long term home of the Collection and Gallery.  In January 2005, Joachim Eckl acquired nick`s share of the Station for his HEIM.ART project, and Nick moved on to Aigen`s former Courthouse and Prison.