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d17b315869348a10a806623c8761dcd1 08.05.2011Man and Horse by Ian Darragh(1959-2008), Etching 1984

Nick thanks Armin Plankensteiner for the great photography of the Collection, and Raymund Deininger of Artware, Vienna. for his collaboration in getting this done.


Treadwells News

BOB ROBINSON  recent paintings   Opening Sunday 22nd May from 15.00 hrs till 17.30 hrs.  Exhibition continues till July 3rd 2011.

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"Home Time" by Bob Robinson

This Year`s Performance Party… “Paradise – A Return Trip”…is on Saturday 20th August 2011, from 1900 hr.  Put it in your Diary now!?

763e27cfef59e93dd418f16a90e8489c  Treadwells NewsGerhard Wünsche with his “Grandaughter of Icarus”                                                                                                                                                                            (photo – Marco Prenninger)

In future, news of my gallery`s activities will be published here

LIFE AND DEATH,   Sculpture, Collage and Drawings by Mandy Havers and Gerhard Wünsche.  Vernissage – Sunday 24th October, 15.00 until 17.00 Uhr.     Exhibition continues till 27th November 2010.

THE HYPER REAL at the Ludwig Stiftung, Vienna in the Museum`s Quarter includes sculpture by Nick Monro, Saskia de Boer and Jann Haworth.  I recommend a Visit to this exhibition, as well as to the exceptional “Power Up” Exhibition of Women Pop Artists in the Kunst Halle next door.

The Human Rights Exhibition of Photographs by Lukas Maximilian Hueller and Juliane R Hauser, with collaboration from Laurent Van Wetter(BE), Kevin Harrison(GB), Armin Guerino(AT) and Kyla Davis(SA) ( will continue from 11th June till 31st August in Vorplatz, Museums Quarter in Vienna. Art Depot, Innsbruck 11.6 – 11.7.  Rue de la Lot, Brussels 10.6 -10.9.    Encouraged, influenced and directed by Lukas, Juliane and their collaborators, Students of the Ithuba Skills College, a Johannesburg township school,  inspired and motivated the project,  effectively acting out the 30 articles of the Human Rights. By exploiting the emotive and dramatic medium of  panoramic staged photography,  these powerful photographs reach far beyond the capacity of the written word.     This is an impressive project of serious social value internationally – please check the project`s website for full details.  The Treadwell Gallery is proud that Lukas Hueller, Juliane Hauser, Kevin Harrison and Kyla Davis are good friends and work regularly with us.

August 14/15th: Annual Live Event – The Magic of the Mühlviertel, where visitors are treated like Princes and Princes are turned into Frogs…The Pink Wizard of Oz-tria will be in attendance on Saturday, when lots of Fairy-folk are expected and, for one day only, Fairyland will be a little corner of Aigen.
September: Two Person Exhibition of Drawings by Mandy Havers and Gerhard Wünsche.
November: New Works by Welsh painter, Alun Jury.

ff915b64229ccb5d46ccc91caee0a4d0  Treadwells News“Let there be Laughter!”  Happy Christmas and a Great New Year to our Website Visitors.  Photography by Lukas Hueller.  The Devil and Makeup by Juliana Hauser.  God and Adam by Nick Treadwell.

Nick thanks Gerald  for his design and considerable work on the site. The website header, “The very Last Pink Supper” is a photograph by Lukas Maximilian Hueller – makeup and costume design by Juliane R. Hauser and Featuring Lukas as Judas and Nick as the Apostles and Jesus (see Collection for details)