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November 2021. The opening of the New Location of the Treadwell Collection/Gallery will be on the Weekend of July 1st 2022, whether/Or Not Renovations are complete, with a Friday Night Tiger Lillies Concert.

APRIL 2021. The Treadwell Gallery and Collection will be moving to the Cselley Mühle, 7064 Oslip Austria. Nick will be keeping his flat in Vienna(Grosse Neugasse, 18/2/5 1040 Vienna Austria), but will be living at the new location much of the time, once necessary arrangements have been organised. Creative activities will commence, following renovations and improvements, Covid permitting later in 2021. Nick’s Mobile number remains 0043(0)664 3449543

Until further notice, The Treadwell Gallery Vienna is only open by appointment, 0043(0)6643449543. You could also try ringing the doorbell in passing Grosse Neugasse 18/1, 1040 Vienna. Nick Lives in the gallery and is always pleased to see art-interested people

LUDMIL SISKOV – A Retrospective, Opening Sunday 11th March till 14th April …Wednesday to Friday 13.00 to 18.00 hrs. Saturday 10.00 to 16.00 hrs.


“Scathing Bird” by Kevin Harlow 2016 Height 155 cms Fibreglass/Mixed Media

“Earthly Delights” continues till Saturday 17th December 2016…Opening times: Wednesday to Friday 14.00 – 19.00 hrs Saturday: 10.00 – 16.00 hrs. At other times, you could try ringing the bell (Nick Treadwell lives in the gallery) or make an appointment. 0043 (0)664 3449543.

“Earthly Delights” a theme exhibition celebrating the inspirational art of Hieronymus Bosch will include contributions from the following artists: Mike Gorman: Saskia de Boer: Kevin Harrison: Lukas Maximilian Hueller: Kevin Harlow: Julia Hanzl: Linda Downie: Patricia Pauer: Nina Murashkina: Thomas Paster: Matt Ensor: Chris Brown: Alan Streets: Virgilius Moldovan: Michele Howarth Rashman: Dean Barrett: Jakob Kirchmayr: Stylianos Schicho: Paganuzzi: Mandy Havers: Bettina Patermo: Hannes Seebacher: Nigel Burch: Jane Lewis: Matthias Claudius Aigner: Sophie Dvorák.

The Treadwell Gallery is moving to Vienna. The Gallery’s new address is: Grosse Neugasse, 18/1 1040 Wien. Nick Treadwell expects to be in residence by the end of April. The Gallery’s opening exhibition…”A Garden of Earthly Delights”, celebrating the inspirational art of Hieronymus Bosch, is scheduled for late September 2016.

The Treadwell Gallery, Aigen-Schlägl, Austria, has closed and is moving to a new Austrian location. The Gallery expects to open again in the Spring of 2016. Nick Treadwell can still be reached at and on handy number 0043(0)664 3449543.

BOB ROBINSON(1951-2015) Sad to say this truly exceptional artist has passed away. Bob has contributed his considerable talent to the richness of mine and my gallery’s life for 26 years…Thank you and R.I.P. Bob Robinson.