Nicholas was receiving much criticism for his gallery`s theme exhibitions, both from the British art press (“He tells his artists what to do”?) and his gallery artists themselves (“We have our own agenda, Nick”), when, out of the blue, a letter came from the three French organisers of “Mythologies Quotidienne 2” at the Musee D`Art Moderne de La Ville De Paris, requesting one of the gallery`s theme exhibitions as a feature of this relevant exhibition, for which the gallery would be given its own 12 x 12 metre room. The theme Nick chose to present was “Come Back Romance, All is Forgiven”  – He considered the idea that the supposedly ´cold` English had anything to tell the supposedly ´passionate` French as regards to romance, was likely to inspire a provocatively amusing exhibition.   Naturally, all the gallery artists, agenda or not, were keen to be included. It was also a great gallery “Works Outing”, with twenty of the twenty nine exhibiting artists going on the three day coach trip to Paris, arranged by nick`s assistant.  It was, of course, it was a fascinating opportunity for all the artists to gossip, exchange  ideas and technical know-how,  and particularly to discuss what was wrong with nick.

95b5537fa9b776cafa2e71e7ae5578f1 1977 Museum of Modern Art, ParisSporting Pictures 1976. Works by Jo Bondy, Guy Gladwell, Robert Knight, Rod Dudley and Paul Roberts.