b7e1ad43c1cba144cb9964705a66464e 1991 Treadwells Art Show BaselTreadwell`s Art Show 1991, with works by Sean Read, Bob Robinson and Michele Howarth

This was the first and most sensational of a series of six Exhibitions and Live Art performances over a four year period at the 900 square metre Goetz Gallery and Exhibition centre in Basel, Switzerland to coincide with the Basel`s June Art fair. Dieter Goetz and his team produced a twelve page newspaper as invitation and to tell the story of Nick Treadwell`s long and happy relationship with Basel and the Baselers. The Basel Zeitung gave over half a page to the show, headlining it with a question about the “eccentric” British Gallerist`s taste of  “Kunst oder Kitsch”. The opening show featured a Robert Knight one man show and as well as some great works by Graham Ibbeson( a special favorite with the Swiss) featured a series of works by the then Gallery resident artists, Tim Noble and Sue Webster.  During the course of the three years, there were One Man Shows of Malcolm Poynter,  Kevin Harrison and Swiss painter, Robert Indermaur. There were theme shows on the subject of Money(“Money, Money, Money!”) and Kissing (“The Kiss Show”). Performances included The Tiger Lillies, The Lorraine Bowen Experience,  Nigel Burch and the Rubber Chickens.