Alan was born 1967 in Bridgend, Wales.  He studied at Cardiff College of Art and Cheltenham College of Art.  Paul Rosenbloom, his tutor at Cheltenham phoned Nick to advise him that he had a student who was perfect for the Treadwell Gallery.  At the time, Alan was painting a series about children not being as nice as they were thought to be. The painting called “Just Playing” which is in the Collection was completed during his time at art school.  Even today, Alan is still not making enough money from his art, and he works as a ticket collector for the Welsh Railways.  Other recent series have been on Genetics (See “Pecking Order”, also in the Collection and reproduced on this page) as well as Weight and Diet. Many of Alan`s paintings are crowded with information, and his manner of dealing with the abstract values of these complex works is extraordinarily effective. Alan has been working with the Treadwell Gallery since 1993.