Kevin Harrison was born 1953 in Enfield, Middlesex, UK and studied at Hornsey College of Art, Norwich School of Art, Chelsea School of Art, finally gaining a fellowship to Cardiff School of Art. He has been represented by the Treadwell Gallery since 1985, having had five one man exhibitions with the Gallery, Two of them at Treadwell`s Art Mill, Bradford in the early nineties, and three since the gallery moved to Austria in 2000. Kevin often coincides his exhibitions with workshops for school children, when he oversees their production of painted wooden tableaux, reminiscent of his own work. He is an inspiring teacher, able to work with non-English speaking children without difficulty. In 2009, Kevin was in South Africa, collaborating with photographer Lukas Hueller on Lukas and his partner Juliane Hauser´s project with Johannesberg township children in the making of panoramic photos of the 30 articles of the Human Rights, which will be on show in the Vienna Museum`s Quarter throughout the period of the  World Cup. In 2002, he was with Nick in the creation of a Flower Festival in Al Ain, UAE, when, together with the Arabic children of the town, he cheerfully built a weird and wonderful wooden flower garden, in the local Park. Kevin also makes public sculpture, and examples of these can be seen around the East End of London. Kevin Harrison has been a enthusiastic supporter of The Treadwell Gallery`s Austrian project, and can always be relied upon to willingly contribute his natural good nature, and at least an aspect of  his exceptional talent,  to the Gallery`s Annual Summer  Festival  (14/15th August 2010).